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Love And Marriage Solution ( Islam Information )

The Islamic holy book is believed to be the word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and written down in Arabic. The Quran consists of 114 units of varying lengths, known as suras; the first sura is said as part of the ritual prayer.

These touch upon all aspects of human existence, including matters of doctrine, social organization, and legislation. So according to Islam, there is a solution for every problem. So we do every work according to Quran. we don’t do any kind of haram work. The two major sources of the religion of Islam are the Quran and Hadith. So we do all work by the guidance of the Quran.

We solve your every problem related to you, your partner, family, and friends. You will get every solution with just one click. If you are facing problems related to your love life, marriage, love black, or any kind of problem then you can contact us. As our moolana sahab has experience of more than 30 years.

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